About Me

Thank you for your interest in my knives. I have been making knives since 1973 and have been a voting member of the Knivemakers Guild since 1976. All of my knives are completely handcrafted. Folders have become my specialty, however I enjoy making all types of knives, including special designs that suit the particular needs of the customer. Natural handle materials are my preference… the more exotic the better. The steel I use are 440C stainless and Udeholm UHB stainless. Heat treating is done by me in my own controlled -atmosphere oven. I have been forging blades since 1982. I make both 01-mild Damascus and 10/70 spring steel nickel Damascus. I guarantee my forged blades will not break.

Doc Hagen



All Doc Hagen Knives are personally handcrafted by the maker, Only the finest materials are used. If for some reason you are not pleased, you may return the knife for a full refund. The only exception to this would be changes in natural handle materials (cracking ivory, Shrinking buffalo horn, etc.) which are not the fault of the maker.